During the week of November 14, January 23, March 27, and June 5th, we will hold a Code Silver Drill. Typically, we don’t announce the exact date or time because we want the drill to be realistic. Due to the nature of this drill, it is appropriate to share this information with our staff and families.

As a reminder, we implemented the Code Silver to expand our practice with Run, Hide, Fight. The term “Code Silver” will be used to indicate there is an active threat on campus with a weapon. We will use the phrase “Code Silver” in the event of an actual emergency as well as during drills. You will know it is a drill because an administrator will state it is a drill on the intercom. Here is an example of what they will hear:

“We are now practicing a Code Silver drill. This is just a drill. Code Silver (location of active threat), Code Silver (location of active threat).” In an actual emergency you would hear Code Silver (location of active threat), Code Silver (location of active threat).”

The specific location of the threat will be announced on the intercom. Students and staff have the option to run, hide, or fight based on the comfort level, location to threat, and current situation/location of student and staff member.

In March 2020, the district made some updates to our Code Silver protocol:

  • Inform Parents at least a day before the drill is implemented.
  • Teachers will review the talking points before the drill.
  • Lights do not need to be turned off.
  • Please do not announce the exact time of the drill to students.

Here is what will happen on drill days:

An administrator will announce: “Today we will practice a Code Silver drill. Our school will use ‘Code Silver’ as a way of communicating an active threat. We will now review the Code Silver talking points. Teachers, please take time to answer students questions and review what run, hide, fight looks like in your current location as well as what it may look like if students were in a different location on campus.”

If you have questions, please reach out to us.


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